Our Voice Matters - A Young Volunteers Perspective on Registering Your Vote

Our Voice Matters - A Young Volunteers Perspective on Registering your Vote

“Why should I vote? How does my vote count?” These are questions I once asked myself when determining whether I should register to vote.

The Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014 was pivotal to my interest and engagement in politics and illustrated how depending on the issue, people of all ages can become involved.  Not only is it our civil obligation to vote, but it allows us to play an important part in the decision-making process and have a say on who represents us. As a newly graduated student, I want my views and opinions to be considered and for my voice to be heard on decisions that matter to me as a young adult who is shaping  their future.

Registering to vote is essential for young people and students to reap the benefits of the economic and political choices made by government as it is our voices which shape those choices and influence policies on important issues such as education, the NHS, housing and work.

Registering to vote is a matter of equality for all demographics. If more and more young voters are increasingly registering to vote,  it can be drawn to the attention of policy-makers who may be more likely to introduce policies which benefit young people and students in order to win their votes and maintain their support.

As a young volunteer, I have the resources available to me that enable me to make an informed decision when it comes to voting. It is important for me as a volunteer to register to vote in order to vote for policies which support my community.

Registering to vote is an easy process and be done in a number of ways to suit you. If you are a student you can register to vote at both your home and term-time address. However, it is important to remember that you can only vote once.

We are the next generation and it is us who will be most affected by current and future policies. It is us as young adults who can make a difference to the way things in our country are run by helping to set the political agenda. It is our futures that we are investing in by taking the first step and registering to vote.

By Caitlyn McDermid

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