Scenario Planning Tool for Third Sector Organisations


What is Scenario Planning?


During these uncertain times it is more important than ever to plan for your organisation’s future. We have never before experienced the unique situation we have found ourselves in, mainly due to the lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scenario planning is a tool that helps organisations to make assumptions on what the future is going to be and how an organisation’s situation will change over time, in light of that future.

Thinking about possible future scenarios can help organisations now. It will allow organisations to think about what services might look like at different phases of the lockdown and into the new future. This can help deal with future uncertainties by becoming aware of what may happen.  This in turn will help your organisation to reduce risk and be better prepared for the future.

SVE have drafted a Scenario Planning Tool that our members can use to plan for the next twelve months at least.  Please access the tool Here.

If you have any queries or would like support going through the process please contact Lee Stevenson by email or by telephone on 01786 430000.

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