Stirling Care Hub Engagement Event

Stirling Care Hub will provide short-term care, assessment or rehabilitation to older people who require additional support following an illness or operation. These services will be provided in a comfortable, homely environment to help older people recover, regain their independence and return to their own homes. In order to enhance the homely environment within the Care Hub there is a desire to ensure that the green spaces around and within the Care Hub and the public spaces in the entrance to the Care Hub are available and inviting both to those staying in the Care Hub and the local community.

A Community Engagement Event was held on Thursday 8 February 2018 to bring together the views of the local community, the third sector and NHS Forth Valley staff on the ways in which the public spaces can be used, the activities that they like to see at the Care Hub and the activities that organisations may be in a position to provide.

In total 145 people attended the event, representing a wide range of different organisations, businesses and local residents, all of whom were interested in the developments on the site, keen to be informed and to offer their views on the use of the site in the future. There was consensus that the people wish to see the site as a place where there are numerous community activities taking place which engage those who are residing in the care hub and their visitors. Participant suggestions included

“Not a 9-5 type place but a vibrant place which feels alive and homely at all times.”
“Inviting, connected to the surrounding community, conducive to being active and well. Opportunities for hobbies, cultures, arts.”

A wide range of suggestions for the site were made by participants, including opportunities for walking with plenty of seating and points of interest along the way. That the green spaces should be interesting and engaging. Participant suggestions included
“A garden for all seasons”

“Planting for sound, smell and sight”

The internal public spaces were also seen as places which could be used to provide activities that support people’s health and wellbeing.

The neighbourhood, public and third sector response to the consultation creates the potential to work in partnership to develop a community space which is dementia friendly and offers intergenerational activities that support the Care Hub vision of creating a comfortable, homely environment to help older people recover, regain their independence and return to their own homes. If you are interested in more information or about future involvement please contact SVE on

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