TSI Network Scotland - Manifesto for Change

A fairer future for Scotland is possible by giving more power to communities according to the TSI Scotland Network, a network of well-established organisations who work together to support and represent charities, community groups, social enterprises, and volunteers across Scotland. They have now produced their first Manifesto for Change, launched this week, which has drawn on learning from the pandemic, and sets out what they believe is now needed to invest in for longer term renewal.

The TSI Scotland Network is made up of 32 Third Sector Interfaces (TSI) one in every local authority area, and they have come together to produce a manifesto ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections in 2021.  In Stirling the TSI is Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise (SVE).

This Manifesto for Change makes clear the critical role that community-led work plays in the lives of nearly everybody in society – never more clearly demonstrated than during last six months where organisations and volunteers have stepped up to support with the effects of COVID-19.  It calls for politicians of all parties to take the opportunity to build a better society as we recover from the pandemic and is based around investment in the third sector as a critical partner under five key areas: place, community, connection, volunteering and fair work.

The manifesto identifies that creating a better fairer future needs politicians to take action to create an enhanced role for community-based organisations, to devolve power to communities, to encourage citizenship and stronger communities, and to move us towards a wellbeing society that protects our place – the people, the assets and the environment.  

Natalie Masterson, Chief Executive of the TSI in Stirling is among the leaders involved in developing this manifesto, “Community-led organisations and volunteers responded to COVID-19 magnificently, helping to mitigate the worst effects of lockdown.  As we move forward we need to capture the spirit of that and use it to build a fairer future”.

The TSI Scotland Network regard this moment as a critical point where investment in the right parts of our country’s social fabric could have long-term benefits for Scotland and its people and that has been collectively based upon what we have learnt from all corners of Scotland through the last few months.

You can download a copy of the Manifesto here.

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