Young Person's Guarantee - Volunteering in to Employment

The Scottish Government’s Youth Guarantee states: “We will guarantee to every young person aged between 16 and 24 in Scotland the opportunity, based on their own personal circumstances and ambitions, of going to university or college, an apprenticeship programme, training, fair employment including work experience, or participating in a formal volunteering programme.”

Scottish Government have distributed funding to partners including local authorities and colleges to deliver the programme.

Many young people will identify for themselves opportunities as part of the Youth Guarantee. But for a small cohort, furthest from the labour market, identifying opportunities will be particularly challenging. This includes for volunteering where we anticipate that the third sector’s capacity to take on volunteers is likely to shrink while an increasing number of people will look to volunteer. It must also be recognised that managing volunteers is not a free activity – it requires time and dedication on the part of host organisations, particularly where people are less ready for work.

The programme is open to young people (aged 16-24) who are:

  • Not currently in employment, education or training
  • Are interested and willing to volunteer, and
  • Are unlikely to secure or retain a volunteering role without additional support.This could be because of a wide range of issues including (but not limited to):

o    Care Experienced
o    Difficulties accessing support
o    Difficulties settling
o    Difficulty making friends
o    Disengaged from services
o    Disruptive home setting / Family issues
o    Emotional or social difficulties
o    From a Travelling community
o    High reluctance to engage
o    Lack of focus
o    Learning difficulty, such as dyslexia
o    Learning disability
o    Low educational achievement (no SCQF Level 5   qualifications)
o    Low self-esteem / confidence
o    Not good at achieving targets
o    Physical Disability
o    Speaking English as an additional language
o    Poor mental health
o    Poor timekeeping
o    Risk of becoming homeless
o    Risk taking behaviours: substance abuse, criminal behaviour in the community
o    Self-harm / suicidal behaviour

Support Available

Young Person

All young people coming through the programme will receive support from SVE. This will include understanding their priorities, identifying a suitable placement for them, and agreeing additional support needed.

Along with the young person’s placement support, an SQA Award in Volunteering Skills - SCQF Level 4 will be offered by Stirling Community Enterprise.

Third Sector Organisations

Supporting the young person to identify the right organisation to volunteer with is crucial. SVE has strong connections with Stirling’s Third Sector Organisations, which is important when you are looking at a person focused, flexible approach for those with such diverse support needs.

Organisations taking placements will receive a small grant to help them make any adjustments necessary and provide additional support to the young person. The level of grant will depend on the support the young person needs. If necessary, external specialist support can be commissioned using some of this grant.

If you would be interested in offering a supported volunteering placement/s, please fill out a short online form here.  

Referral Process

Stirling’s Local Employability Partners will be engaging with young people under the Young Persons Guarantee who would be unlikely to be able to secure or retain a volunteering role without additional support. By referring the young person to SVE we will endeavour to place them into volunteering opportunities within the third sector, and assist the third sector organisation to support the young person and monitor their progress over a defined period.  

SVE’s aim is to encourage the young person to choose a positive destination at the end of their placement. This includes, further education, a formal volunteering opportunity, or potentially securing employment. SVE will also encourage organisations to consider whether an employment opportunity might be appropriate for the young person.  We will explore all options and with the consent of the organisation we will consider the availability of funds to support a paid work experience placement in the same organisation. Moving a young person from volunteering to employment in the same organisation may have benefits in terms of managing change and growing capacity.  Please see the referral flow chart below.

>Referral Flow Chart

For more information on the project please contact SVE on 01786 430000 or email


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