The Saltire Awards are a national initiative, recognised and supported by the Scottish Government. Saltire celebrates, recognises and rewards the commitment, contribution and achievements of young volunteers between the age of 12-25 in Scotland.

Saltire Awards allow young people to gain nationally recognised certificates which are signed by Scottish Government Ministers. The Saltire Awards are progressive meaning you can achieve awards over four levels:

  • The Challenge - This is for those who are getting started in volunteering and can be achieved through one off volunteering opportunities e.g. fundraising at a coffee morning.
  • The Approach - Achieved once you have completed 10 and 25 hours of volunteering.
  • The Ascent - Achieved once you have completed 50, 100, 200 or even 500 hours of volunteering.
  • The Summit - This is the highest level of Saltire Award and will only be achieved by those who have made an outstanding contribution to volunteering as well as completing the “Ascent”. This award can only be given to 12 people within each local authority per year. For the volunteer to receive this award they need to be nominated by the organisations they have been volunteering with.

Saltire Ambassador

Young volunteers who have completed the “Ascent” will be invited to become a Saltire Ambassador. This gives them the opportunity to further develop and build their skills by being involved in all aspects of the Saltire Awards; from promotional and publicity activities through to helping make decisions about taking part in local advisory groups.

What’s New

Some updates have been made to the administration of Saltire Awards which changes how volunteers receive their certificates and Young Scot Points.

  • Certificates will now be created as a PDF document and can be created by the young person and/or Group Administrators. They will also be able to print certificates themselves to a specific standard to ensure a consistent, high quality product. Alternatively, there is also the option to request that SVE print certificates on their behalf.
  • As before, young people will be able receive Young Scot points to redeem a variety of rewards however now they will be issued through the website and the management of codes will be co-ordinated centrally meaning volunteers can now manage their points themselves.

Although the awards are for young people, who are encouraged to sign up for their own Saltire account and take ownership of their volunteering, there are many organisations, groups and schools which support young people to take part in volunteering activities within the community.

Therefore, a Group Administration function has been developed to allow volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) and schools to request and print Saltire Award Certificates on behalf of the young volunteers they support allowing them the recognition they deserve.

Why use Group Administration?

  • Easy way to manage certificate requests.
  • You can save PDF copies of certificates – extra copies can be printed when required and can be attached to volunteer records.
  • Easy way to keep track of the hours your young volunteers’ are dedicating to your organisation.

For support in becoming a Group Administrator, get in touch with Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise to discuss getting started.

Please note that printing is currently suspended due to COVID-19 but certificates requested will be sent out when it is possible to do so.

To find out more on how to get involved you can visit the Saltire Awards website for more information or if you are ready to get started, you can sign up on the Saltire Awards website by Clicking Here

To view a step by step Power Point with further info on ‘How to Register’ please Click Here

SVE have also developed a handy resource designed to introduce volunteering to young people. You can access a copy here. 

Case Studies

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