Effective Listening and Resilience in Others

calendar icon 19 January 2022
From 10:00 am until 3:00 pm

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This course is ideal as both a refresher for those returning to their volunteering roles or those new to volunteering within their community

About this event The aims of this course is to help volunteers ,working in the community, to identify the skills required to help earn the trust of those being supported, whilst learning to understand their situation. It also allows participants to focus on their own self-care, as well as understanding boundaries.


- Understanding new boundaries: the importance of keeping work and home life separate and avoiding becoming overwhelmed by clients’ needs.

- Active Listening Skills: Understanding the core skills needed when interacting with clients, focussing on being fully non-judgemental in our listening and avoiding being entirely solution-based in our responses. How to initiate, manage and respond during challenging and difficult conversations.

- Understanding the impact of change: the emotional impact of the profound changes that both clients, colleagues and ourselves are experiencing and how this directly affects emotions, mental well-being and our interactions and conversations with others.

- Accessing resources: building your knowledge of a wide range of accessible support resources for your client and how best to utilise these. This will include local support organisations, as well available online resources that we feel are of value.

- Anxiety Management: Understanding and supporting effective Anxiety Management techniques

- Self-care and building resilience: understanding the importance of supporting a client without becoming overwhelmed by their distress, how to manage difficult emotions (both yours and theirs) and how to maintain good levels of selfcare to conserve your resilience as an effective volunteer.

Course description:

This course is ideal as both a refresher for those returning to their volunteering roles or those new to volunteering within their community.

For experienced volunteers who feel confident in their communication and listening skills, this is an opportunity to review how the last years’ Covid restrictions has eroded and changed everyone’s communication abilities as well as the impact this has on our interactions.

Quotes from previous course attendees:

“I learned the importance of boundaries, self-care is extremely important and to ask important questions and be confident you will be helping someone.”

“I highly recommend this training course as the discussions allow you to see others perspective, how they look at things.”

The course is accompanied by a range of handouts and resources that can be used for yourself as well as your supportive role when working with clients.

The course will be facilitated by two trainers from Falkirk District Association for Mental Health (FDAMH)


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