Grow Your Organisation

Grow Your Organisation

Start Up Support

There are many things to consider when starting a new group:  What are its aims? Who will be involved? What form should it take? How will it be funded?

SVE offers guidance at every stage, from the initial idea right though to becoming a fully-fledged and viable organisation.

Organisational Support staff can give advice on the way forward:  what legal structure is best for your group, the make up of your committee, types of membership structure, recruitment of members and committee members, how to publicise your group, whether charitable status is appropriate... and a host of other issues. 

We can also help with the drafting of documents such as constitutions, business plans and policies, and deliver start-up training.


>Starting a Group Document 1

>Starting a Group Document 2

Good Governance

Governance is the systems and processes concerned with ensuring the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of an organisation.

Good governance ensures

  • compliance with law and regulation
  • that an organisation is well run and efficient
  • that problems are identified early and dealt with appropriately
  • the preservation of the reputation and integrity of the third sector
  • if applicable, that charities make a difference and the objects of the charity are advanced 

If you are a trustee or member of the governing body of a third sector organisation you have specific responsibilities which you must carry out according to your constitution and relevant legislation. For that reason it is helpful to distinguish between governance and any other roles you and others may carry out.

Governing is about:

  • agreeing the purpose of the charity or other third sector organisation
  • agreeing broad strategies to carry out the charity or other third sector organisation’s purpose effectively
  • accounting for the organisation’s performance
  • ensuring it operates within the law.

If you are a trustee on a charity you may find OSCR’s publication Who’s in Charge a useful guide as it demonstrates the underlying principles of governing a charity well. However it would be useful for any third sector organisation as it demonstrates good practice. 




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