COVID-19 Support & Resources

Community Response and Volunteering

We are overwhelmed by the response from the local community by people wishing to help during this difficult time. Therefore Stirling Council and Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise (SVE) are now asking volunteers and local community groups to register and be part of a co-ordinated response to the Covid-19 emergency. By volunteering you can make a big difference in your area and on a national level.

We are developing a recognised, formal Stirlingshire area wide network to support those in need at a local level. By being part of a formal coordinated effort, our response will be stronger and safer for those vulnerable individuals and families needing support. 

Stirling Council and SVE are fully tied in to the national volunteering agencies and their campaigns.

This site will allow community groups and individuals to register their interest, by registering you are helping us to provide co-ordinated support across the Stirling area.

Please register

  • As individuals who would be willing to become Befrienders, Volunteer drivers, Volunteers assisting with essential groceries and collecting prescriptions or to assist with food preparation for vulnerable people.
  • As local community groups who can organise a local response and provide assistance in their area. Individual members of groups need not register just a primary contact.
  • As third sector organisations who can support the collective effort or commit resources at a local level.

After registration, you will be contacted by a Local Co-ordination Team in your area. We will ensure that all volunteers’ health & wellbeing is protected by following all official guidelines related to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

You can register here.


SVE has developed a comprehensive Funding Directory in response to COVID-19. This directory is filled with funding information and advice and is updated constantly. Should you need any support or advice to apply for any of the funds listed within the guide you can contact SVE's Organisational Development Officer Lee Stevenson on or 01786 430000. Lee will be happy to chat with you via email, telephone, or set up a zoom call with you.

Digital Support and Resources

It has been a challenge we have all had to face, moving your organisation from the office to a remote working situation in a matter of days. For many, trying to get to grips with the digital equipment needed to make this a seamless process has been even harder. Not to worry though, the following links can get you started, and if you are still finding you don’t know your Zoom from your Teams, give us a call. We are here to help and can chat you through some of the tools that have helped our team adapt to working from home


We have found this a great way to run a virtual meeting or workshop, and communicate with the team. You may have to buy the package if you want to get the most out of it, but it’s worth thinking about if you want to stay connected.

>How to use Zoom

Microsoft Teams

A great Collaborative tool for chat, calls and more. Stay in touch with your colleagues, give them a video call and work on documents together. Plus, during COVID-19 everyone can have access to Teams. Find out more here.


Its free and it’s a powerful, customisable, and intuitive tool for improving team collaboration and productivity. Slack makes it easy to work in one place, without needing to switch between applications.

>How to use Slack

Digital Resources

>Homeworking Self Assesment Template

>Run a great Virtual Meeting

>How to Turn Events Digital

You can also contact SCVO Digital for a 15 minute chat about any digital issue your organisation may be having and they will help you to try and solve it. Contact them on

Other Resources

Risk Assessments - If you are planning on returning your organisation to its normal place of work as lock down eases over the coming weeks then you will want to complete a risk assessment before you do so. You probably already have one for your workplace, but now there are different things to consider that we wouldn't have thought of before. To give you a starting point Volunteering Matters has a good example risk assessment for reoccupying buildings on their website here. We also have a Risk Assessment we used for planning an event here. Our sister organisation in Clacks, CTSI, also have a useful example buildings risk assessment that you can view here.

Stirling Council are producing a weekly bulletin for organisations who are involved in the local community response to COVID-19. You can find the latest copy here.

SCVO have a very useful Coronavirus Third Sector Information Hub which you can access here.

Volunteer Scotland have produced some really useful information for both organisations and volunteers. You can find it here.

You can read OSCR's latest guidance for charities on COVID-19 here.

The current NHS Guidelines can be found here

Further information from NHS Inform can be found here.



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